Loppokaffee | Kenia - Othaya Natural

Loppokaffee | Kenia - Othaya Natural


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Nyeri County



Suitable for filter coffee and espresso


Cooperative: Othaya

Taste: strawberry jam, ripe fruit, caramel, vanilla

Body: silky

Acid: pleasant

Sweetness: intense

Roast level: light


Harvest: Feb 2021

Cultivation height: 1980 m

Processing: natural

Importer: Chania Coffee

Varieties: SL28 and SL34


Thanks to Soni Schneidewind from Chania Coffee, we were able to make great contacts in Kenya as early as 2014. Since then we have been able to undertake two trips to the region around Mt. Kenya. Almost every year we get great green coffees from Kenya thanks to Soni's work on site. This year it comes from the Othaya Cooperative, which is known for special coffees. For the first time we can present you a Natural from Kenya, which we personally find very exciting! This processing method is still very rarely represented in Kenya and creates a particularly sweet and fruity taste in the cup.


The beans are particularly characterized by their pleasant acidity, which comes with an intense sweetness and a silky body. Our light roast emphasizes the taste of strawberry jam, ripe fruits, caramel and vanilla. A real fruit dream as a filter coffee, prepared as an espresso, the coffee is sweet and tangy.