Loppokaffee | Kongo - BIO Sopacdi

Loppokaffee | Kongo - BIO Sopacdi


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Minova, Kivu

Single origin


Suitable for filter coffee and espresso


Cooperative: SOPACDI 

Taste: blackberry, cane sugar, lavender, forest honey

Body: medium

Acid: alive

Sweetness: pronounced

Roast level: light


Harvest: May 2020

Cultivation height: 2000m

Preparation: washed

Importer: Oxfam Belgium

Varieties: diverse


At Loppo, we are big fans of fruity, African coffees. A big advantage of this delicious coffee from the Congo is that it is organically grown. It grows in the north-eastern region of the Congo. The various washing stations are organized in the SOPACDI cooperative, which also takes on the marketing.


In terms of taste, the organic coffee from the Congo is nice and sweet and tangy. It reminds us of blackberry, cane sugar, lavender and forest honey and is very floral. The acidity is very fruity and sparkling, the body is medium and the sweetness is beautiful. In contrast to Kenyan coffee, it has a slight spiciness, which makes it even more interesting.