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Albatross Catering


Our once weekly lunch delivery service is here to keep you hungry workers fed! On top of free delivery, items included per 10 people are;

5x Vegetarian Sandwiches
5x Vegan Sandwiches

10x Croissant
3x Pain au Chocolat
3x Brownies (gluten free)
3x Double Chocolate Cookies (vegan)


1x Seasonal honey from Urban Bees 130g
1x Seasonal jam 100g


You have the choice of choosing the following items for drinks;

❖ Either a 250g or 1kg bag of coffee from Vote per 10 people; their Heute Blend everyday espresso. This item is suitable to be enjoyed with (plant) milk, or without, 250g should last 10 people a day or two, 1kg about a week. Please write us if you need the coffee ground!

❖ An great everyday Oolong tea from Companion with a light body giving way to an abundance of sweetness and creamy texture, complimented by a subtle floral liquor with notes of jasmine and lychee.

❖ A Chamomile tea from Companion, known for being a relaxing and subtle infusion and this example showcases the best of what this herb has to offer - light, sweet and subtly floral.


Good to Know

Items for the breakfast catering will be delivered by 09:00, if you need a more specific timing for the delivery please contact us. We deliver within the ring and sometimes a tiny bit outside, delivery is included in the price.

During check out, please select the bank transfer option while checking out if you need an Invoice. We will also need a company (or personal) billing address for us to send you an invoice.

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