Marto Wines | Weiss 2019

Marto Wines | Weiss 2019


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Marto Wines (Martin Wörner) - Weiss 2019

Martin Wörner is a young and very talented winemaker. Although he’s been making wine for only three years, he has influenced a lot of other winemakers in Germany to re-think the way they make their wines. He is showing the whole world what German natural wines can taste like and are capable of.

Weiss 2019 is a blend of most of the grape varieties that he grows in his vineyards (Müller Thurgau , Sheurebe, Bacchus, Farbe, Riesling). By mixing all his grape varieties, Martin wants to show the different energies existing in his vineyards. It is also a wine that represents the style of wine Martin likes to drink; fresh, easy, the kind of bottle that makes you feel like opening a second one.


Winemaker: Martin Wörner - Rheinhessen, DE

Grape: Müller Thurgau , Sheurebe, Bacchus, Farbe, Riesling

10% abv