Mosterei Malus | Bio Apfel Birnensaft 700ml

Mosterei Malus | Bio Apfel Birnensaft 700ml


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Vom Einfachen das Gute


We only produce natural juices, ie nothing goes in except juice. We produce most of the juices and all the wines ourselves from fresh fruit from controlled organic cultivation. In a few areas we work together with other regional wineries. 

No concentrates are used, nor are antioxidants, acidifiers or other additives. 

The ingredients are 100% organic. 

The juice is bottled hot immediately after pressing and is not filtered. 
The resulting trub pleases the palate and our health. 
The most important minerals, fiber and vitamins are located here. 
Filtered juices are always half juices.

Since 1991 we have been pressing fruit from unsprayed meadow orchards in our small juice factory in the southern Harz region. The preservation of this unique biotope was and is an important part of the farm structure. In the meantime, the suppliers and we ourselves cultivate approx. 50 hectares of organically controlled area. The contractually bound producers receive for the delivered BIO-Fruit about 25% more money than other cider factories. This means that the effort is more fairly rewarded. This surcharge is then applied to the retail price and ultimately borne by the customer. Thanks to the close cooperation between producers and processors, we are able to achieve an incomparably good quality in terms of freshness and ripeness of the fruit, even with the raw material that is delivered. This is the indispensable basis for our fine organic juices.

We live and work in a small farm community with currently 10 people. In addition to the cider factory, there is also an organic garden center and a naturopathic practice on the farm premises. Visit us and be inspired by the charm of our farm.