Weiss 2019 (Riesling)

Weiss 2019 (Riesling)


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Martin Wörner - Rheinhessen, DE

Grape: Müller Thurgau , Sheurebe, Bacchus, Farbe, Riesling


Martin Wörner is a young and very talented winemaker. Although he’s been making wine for only three years, he has influenced a lot of other winemakers in Germany to rethink the way they make their wines. He is also showing the whole world what german natural wines can taste like and are capable of. He has worked for some of the most respected natural wine growers in Austria and France. Weiss 2019 is a blend of most of the grape variety that he crows in his vineyards ( Müller Thurgau , Sheurebe, Bacchus, Farbe, Riesling). By mixing all his grape varieties, Martin wants to show with this wine the different energies exciting in his vineyards. It is also a wine that represents the style of wine Martin likes drinking; fresh, easy drinking, the kind of bottle that makes you feel like opening a second one.