Nadia Verrua | Pasta di Nocciola Bandita 200g


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Nadia Verrua’s family look after ten hectares the hills of Monferrato in the province of Asti.

Farming as the family has for over 100 years, organically on soft sandy hills, their land split between vines bearing local grape varieties and hazelnut trees. 

These hazelnuts are grown on the hills in Piemonte, then shelled, hulled and lightly roasted before ground into a buttery smooth paste. A hit of the renowned Piedmonte intensity in a jar, perfectly spreadable and mixes beautifully with creams and sweets. 

For a decadent gourmand experience, smear it on a piece Komma Belize chocolate and enjoy with a glass of Teresa, made with grapes from the neighbouring parcel, a unique slice of what Piedmonte has to offer.