Nuvola | Pinsa Romana Classica

Nuvola | Pinsa Romana Classica


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The original Roman Pinsa!
A secret mix of flours and a long leavening to ensure digestibility, lightness and crunchiness: all this is the Pinsa Romana which, thanks to NUVOLA, can be prepared at home.
Nuvola is Pinsa's ready-made base, spread by hand and packaged in a modified atmosphere to maintain the freshness and characteristics of a freshly baked Pinsa.
Combine it with Salemipina's Passata and the lovely Bocconcini from Barlotti (thrown only a few seconds in the oven) to re-create the magic of a top-level Gourmet Roman experience with just 5 minutes of commitment in the coziness of your Berliner kitchenette.