Reusable Cotton Make-Up Removal Pads


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Bleached plastic was yesterday - gentle on the skin and good for the environment is very 2020! Washable cotton cleaning pads with a laundry bag are the garbage-free future of removing make-up and cleansing the face.

Too good to be true? It gets even better: our new OU make-up removal pads, including the bag, are now GOTS certified.

GOTS certified cotton

For cleansing and removing make-up from the face. One side of the facial cleansing pads is soft, the other is slightly rougher and reminds of a short-fibre towel. Pads in OU mesh bag, so that the small pads stay together in the washing machine, wash at max. 40 degrees.

7 pads in net bag
available in two colour variants
Diameter of 8 cm.

The products are delivered to OU in cardboard boxes. We recycle the cardboard boxes. In exceptional cases we use new cardboard boxes.

Total weight: 27 g


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