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The Period. Menstrual Cup is the perfect choice for waste-free menstrual hygiene. It is made of medical silicone, is free of softeners and is hardly noticeable when used correctly. Our menstrual cups are tested by Dekra.

In contrast to conventional hygiene products such as tampons or bandages made of bleached cotton and plastic, the menstrual cup does not interfere with the natural vaginal flora. Frequent pain and inflammation during and after menstruation are usually caused by dehydration and bacterial growth. With the menstrual cup this is no longer a problem.

Hygienic and safe, it is a great everyday companion. The menstrual cup lasts up to 10 years instead of a few hours.
Period. does good.

For every cup sold, we donate one euro to a needy woman in Germany. Whether refugee, homeless or socially disadvantaged - we make no difference and work together with organisations that have direct contact with the women.

Application and cleaning
You can clean the cup by boiling it in a small pot. It is important to do this before the first use and then insert the menstrual cup with clean hands. You will receive a practical cloth bag from us free of charge for storage. You will also receive a user manual.

Product recommendation
- S: Recommended for women of all ages with normal musculature and menstruation
- M: Recommended for women with heavy menstruation and/or who have already given birth

Shipping weight incl. fabric bag:
- S: 22,5g available in pink, white, red or black
- M: 24,5g available in pink, white, red or black

Since the menstrual cup is a medical, unpackaged product, it cannot be returned.



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