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Archipel Berlin


(NOTE : Wine might change depending on latest arrivals, please refer to the list bellow)

This pack currently includes :

1 Urstrom | Mulberry Weichkäse

Urstrom's Mulberry Weichkäse is a soft cheese with approx. 56% fat in dry matter. One piece weighs about 450-500g. The outside is covered with a Geotricum rind and after a week it is washed with vegetable charcoal. This promotes the development of the rind. Inside, the cheese has a rich curd-like center. The name 'Mulberry' comes from the rare black Jersey cow.

This cheese should be kept below 8°C in the refrigerator and has a best before date of 60 days from the production date.

Produced in Baruth/Mark in Brandenburg, just south of Berlin. 

Approx. 450g

1 Koppitsch | Rét 2019

Alex and Maria Koppitsch - Burgenland, AT

Grape: Zweigelt- St Laurent

Alex and Maria are the sweetest people ever! When they make a wine they want you to feel good about it and have fun. The easy drinking line of their wine make you feels exactly like being on the sand next to the sea. This view is actually what you get when you are in their vineyard! Rét 2019 is made like a Beaujolais style wine . Full of cherry fruit, spices as well as a little pine tree taste. The wine is perfect for an aperitif and will accompany you for the whole dinner.

Stay Healthy. Stay Hungry. Stay Thirsty. SANTÉ!

10.5% abv

1 Albatross House Baguette

Our sourdough baguette is made of naturally leavened wheat dough, with a slow overnight fermentation. There’s a little extra spelt and rye in the mix to give it great texture and delicious taste.

Perfectly chewy on the outside; soft on the inside. Classique.

70% wheat
15% rye
15% spelt

Approx 400g

Supplied by Albatross Bakery, Graefestr. 

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