Populus Coffee | Brazil - Mulheres do Caparao

Populus Coffee | Brazil - Mulheres do Caparao


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Size: 250g

Flavor notes: Pecans, dried papaya, nougat, caramel
Producer: ~20 women farmers from the Mulheres do Caparaò project
Origin: Minas Gerais
Variety: Catuai
Processing: Natural 
Altitude: 1000-1200 masl
Importer: Belco
Beginning of the relationship: Faf: 2019 / Mulheres do caparaò: 2021
FOB Price: 5,51$/kg

A new natural-processed Brazilian is on the menu. After a long run of Bob-o-Link from the famous Faf Coffees, we are happy to present a new coffee from Faf Coffees: Mulheres do Caparaò (women of Caparao). This all-women producer group joins together around 23 producers all farming in a valley on the edge of the Caparaò national park. This very classic, sweet, and chocolatey coffee is a real crowd-pleaser with notes of pecans, dried papaya, cacao, and caramel. We recommend this especially for espresso and all milk drinks but it does brew a very comforting cup of filter coffee as well.


Filter coffee:
Pecan, hazelnut, dried papaya, cacao, caramel

Round, easy-to-brew espresso with highlighted brown sugar sweetness, low acidity, and flavors notes of cacao, papaya, and hazelnut nougat.

With milk:
Very sweet and soft cappuccino with cashew, caramel, and dried fruits.

The Producer:

The Mulheres do Caparaò is an all-women coffee producer project started by Josimar Sodré, also known as Lalá. This project started out as a joined effort of five women coffee producers and has since grown to bring together over 20 producers from the same region.

Lalá inherited her farm from her parents and in the beginning, she struggled with making it all work. She was very interested in turning the farm into specialty coffee but didn't have all the information she needed. With the support of her daughters and neighbors Daiana and Aparecida they got started.

In this producing region, the people most involved in specialty coffee are women. They share and exchange ideas with people who already work with quality coffee are very keen to learn new things. The producers in the project are all in the process of organic certification, but even without having completed certification, the importance of respecting and preserving the environment is one of their main concerns.

The Mulheres do Caparaò has been working with Faff Coffees since 2015 with great results. Traditionally women are not visible in the coffee supply chain, despite the vast amount of work they’re involved in coffee growing. Through the promotion of this women’s coffee, FAF is empowering these women so they can fully develop their entrepreneurial spirit. Nowadays the 23 farms participating in the project are supervised by Lalás daughter Luana who is very eager to follow in her mother's footsteps and make coffee-producing her future.