Populus Coffee | Ethiopia - Khalid Shifa

Populus Coffee | Ethiopia - Khalid Shifa


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Size: 250g

Flavor notes: Dragon fruit, jasmine, lemonade
Producer: Khalid Shifa
Origin: Goma, Jimma
Variety: JARC varieties (Jimma Heirloom)
Processing: Honey 
Altitude: ~2100 masl
Importer: Belco
Beginning of the relationship: 2019
FOB: 8,02$/kg

A sweet and bright cup. Honey processed  JARC varieties from Khalid Shifa from Jimma, Ethiopia. The perfect coffee for some sun in a cup to these darker and colder days.

Filter coffee:
Dragon fruit, jasmine, lemonade, red apple

Silky and floral with a gentle citrus acidity and notes of plum, peach, jasmin, honey

With milk:
Sweet and creamy cappuccino with notes of dark chocolate and toffee with an exotic twist of papaya.


The Producer:


Khalid Shifa is an exceptional and one of the most famous coffee producer from Goma region in Jimma, Ethiopia. 

Khalid grew up on his family coffee farm, which he is now managing in the foot steps of his father and grandfather before that. He is particularly mindful of preserving the natural state of this unique piece of land.

When planting the farm Khalid’s grandfather went to the nearby Choche forest to source wild coffee plants for cultivation. The farm now covers 35 hectares and reaches to an altitude of 2100 m.a.s.l.

In the Ethiopian coffee markets where a vast majority of coffee comes from Coop's it's rare to find people like Khalid who is an independent coffee producer with his own processing and milling facilities. In his facilities he also processes the coffees from his small-holder farmer neighbors and has become a central figure in the surrounding coffee community where he also offers trainings and shares his knowledge about farming methods, cultivating, harvest and processing.

This lot we sourced from Khalid is honey processed meaning that, instead of washing the coffee free of mucilage after removing the pulp, the beans are put on the drying table with some of the pulp still present. This affects the tactile, sweetness and acidity of the coffee.