Populus | El Salvador - Ruffatti-Batlle 120 hours

Populus | El Salvador - Ruffatti-Batlle 120 hours


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Flavor notes: Lemonade, natural wine, berries
Producer: Rodolfo Ruffatti-Batlle
Origin: Cerro el Aquila
Variety: Bourbon
Processing: Anaerobic Natural 
Altitude: 1640 masl
Importer: Direct Trade
Beginning of the relationship: 2019
Direct trade price: 12,20€/kg

Mixed berry jam and sparkling lemonade come together in this anaerobic-natural-processed Bourbon variety from the family Ruffatti-Batlle and their farm Finca El Salvador. The Bourbon trees were planted decades ago and the older they come the more complex cup notes they produce. After picking the cherries have been fermented in low-oxygen conditions for 5 days (120hours) to truly bring out all the juicy berry notes.

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Sparkling lemonade, full-flavored natural wine, and vibrant mix of berries 



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