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The pot brush from Redecker ensures a clean cooking pleasure.

Burned-in fats and food residues can really spoil the cooking pleasure. Such residues are difficult to remove, especially if the pot is not cleaned immediately after use. This is why harmful chemicals are used far too often - the brush for pots dissolves the dirt completely plastic-free and without waste.

The handle made of untreated beech wood is shaped so that you can hold it firmly and can simultaneously exert strong pressure. Stubborn dirt at the bottom of the pot is thoroughly removed by the bristles of fibre and bassine. Even burnt-in stains of fat and food can be scrubbed off thoroughly with the brush in a circular motion.

Note: The brush is only suitable for conventional pots and not for ceramic hobs or other scratch-sensitive surfaces.

The brush is handmade and can be easily rinsed under running water. No more dirty sponges that are useless for anything else after cleaning dirty pots. This brush lasts forever and is a great gift for all enthusiastic cooking lovers. At the end of its life, the brush can be easily composted.

The traditional German family business Redecker stands for excellent quality: Good brushes should be durable, easy to handle and shapely. The pot brush made of wood and natural bristles has been designed and produced according to these principles and belongs in every Zero Waste kitchen.

The products are delivered to us in cardboard boxes. We recycle the cardboard boxes. In exceptional cases we use new cardboard boxes.

Total weight: 66 g


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