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The Brandenburg duo, Yule and Paul, have struck again, and showed us what cheese can be with passion, quality and creativity.

We only discovered their take on blue cheese recently, and our first bite was the one : all of our tastebuds shouted "YES!" By the time we even realized where that sound came from, the whole piece was gone, leaving only a few Albatross baguette crumbs here and there.

Urstrom's take on Bleu is a pure expression of the passion these two cheese enthusiasts have for their craft. Made with Jersey cow's milk, it has a fresh and mild base that allows the veins of penicillium roqueforti to hit the tongue with just the right intensity.

The flavor is earthy and tangy with a slight fresh bitterness, but not overpowering, and the texture is rich and velvety. We prefer to let it breathe after opening to get the best of this gem, and let it soften a little more.

With a wine maybe ? We'd go for a Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah... Red wines on the red fruits and berries side, like Pot d'Anne or Les Cliquets.