Urstrom Kaese | Virtual Cheddar ±300g


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Pick-up and Local Delivery available on the 2022-12-01 (estimation date).

We’re starting an exciting project with Yule and Paul!

You probably know them from their award-winning Urstromkäse. They’ll make the FIRST regional Urstrom Cheddar from their rich Jersey milk exclusively for you, if you adopt it beforehand through archipel. To get your hand on a piece, you just need to buy it now in advance to co-finance the production.

Yule and Paul have already tried making cheddar with their jersey milk, and it turned out great! With their international experience in cheesemaking we trust them like nobody else. If you’ve ever talked to them about cheesemaking you’ll understand how endless their knowledge is. What do we want to say? We couldn’t be more excited for this cheese.

How does it work? After Adopting it here, it will go into production and ageing. You’ll receive your piece of cheddar within 10 to 12 months once it’s done ripening. Maybe we’ll even give you special insights into the birth…. ;)

You pay now to co-finance the production, and you will receive your ± 300g piece of cheddar when it's actually at the perfect ripening stage. Of course, we will send you a nice Certificate, making this adoption also the perfect gift for your cheese-loving friends who want to become part of the "Cheddar Society". 

Since the ageing space available is very restricted, there will only be limited pieces, so make sure you secure yours asap!

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