Urstrom Kaese | Strakino min. 250g


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Fresh, slightly acidic, tender delight made from cow’s milk.

If Burrata is considered the queen of Italian cheeses, Stracchino is definitely a royalty alike. It is delicious on sandwiches, you can add it to a risotto for a light creaminess, it is the classic component of Piadina Romagnola, it can be the filling for a tart or cheesecake – however, first and foremost, it can legitimately be consumed alone: brace yourself!

Stracchino's production is quite rapid and takes about 4 hours.
As Paul from Urstrom explained to us :

" One of the key characteristics of Stracchino is that when it's young, it's still quite firm. We need to wait a little while for enzymes to begin to break down the proteins. Of course, when it's firm, it can be enjoyed. But yeah, for me, I like it the most when it's really starting to slowly disintegrate into a delicious tasting puddle.

You have heard Paul, now go on and find out for yourself.