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Our Pralinékrem is made of 60% organic hazelnuts, that we roast in house and of organic beet sugar from the south of Germany. We churn our Pralinékrem for over 10 hours, which makes it a super creamy Spread, that works well with bread, as a topping for ice cream, or basically any dessert. Containing only two ingredients, it is simplicity at its best.


Ingredients:  hazelnuts  (60%), sugar.

Allergens:  hazelnuts .

Content:  300g

Nutritional values ​​average per 100g:

Energy 2250kJ/540kcal
fat 33g
of which saturated fat 3.8g
carbohydrates 47.6g
of which sugar
46.5g protein 8.9g
salt 0.01g