Vote Coffee - Gestern Espresso Blend

Vote Coffee - Gestern Espresso Blend


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Components: 75% Brazil Arabica : 25% Brazil Robusta

Producers: Cafeina Women’s Group : Fazenda Ventrium

Importers: Falcon Specialty : List & Beisler

Processing: Natural : Fully Washed

Flavour Profile: Dark chocolate, toffee, roasted almond

Roast: Espresso

This coffee is our ode to classic espresso. We select and roast the components to emphasise richness and body, while still remaining true to our principles of quality and ethical sourcing. 

The addition of robusta contributes extra crema and body to the coffee. These attributes of robusta mean that we can create something closer to a traditional Italian-style espresso, without roasting significantly darker. Expect high sweetness, high body and low acidity.