Vote | Colombia - Finca Los Laureles

Vote | Colombia - Finca Los Laureles

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Producer: Hernan Montano

Exporter: Azahar 

Region: Palermo, Huila, Colombia

Processing: Fully washed

Flavour Profile: Red & green apple, cherry, brown sugar, dark chocolate

Roast: Espresso, Filter

Finca Los Laureles is an 8 hectare farm in north Huila, run by Nancy Nutes Hernadez and Hernan Montano. Hernan’s family have been involved in coffee growing around Palermo for generations.

The climate around Los Laureles is relatively cool and is blessed with rich volcanic soil, which makes it an excellent area for growing coffee. Harvest is a team effort. Five or six pickers are employed for hand-picking and, during this period, the whole team eats three meals per day together. Hernan himself carries out the processing. He depulps the cherries, sieves and ferments the beans for 36 hours. In the final stage, the beans are dried for 35 days using a mechanical dryer. 

We were introduced to Los Laureles by Azahar, a green coffee exporter and roasting company in Colombia. Azahar recognise the environmental and financial precariousness of the coffee industry in Colombia and are committed to investing in small-scale producers. They facilitate long-term relationships between roasters and farmers, and, importantly, roast high-quality Colombian coffees for the domestic market. Rather than paying premiums above the market price (which is unstable and often falls lower than the cost of production), Azahar pays consistent and profitable prices to farmers, and ensures that their prices keep pace with inflation and increasing labour costs.