Vote Coffee - Rwanda  - Horizon #311

Vote Coffee - Rwanda - Horizon #311


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Producers: Small-holder farmers neighbouring Horizon Supreme Washing Station

Importer: Falcon Specialty

Region: Huye District, Rwanda

Processing: Fully Washed

Flavour Profile: Nougat, Blackberry, Fig, Nutmeg, Blood OrangeHorizon Supreme is a washing station in the southern hills of Rwanda. The station was purchased by Leo Fidele Ndagijimana in 2018.

The washing station receives cherries from several farmers in the area, and Ndagijimana separates the lots according to the weeks the that cherries arrive.

We love the diversity of flavour profiles that can be found in Rwandan coffees. This lot is rich and complex: it tastes like dried fig, nutmeg, blackberry and blood orange.