Vote | Ethiopia - Koromii 250g

Vote | Ethiopia - Koromii 250g

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Producers: Koromii Farmer Group

Importer: Clima

Region: East Guji, Ethiopia

Processing: Natural

Flavour Profile: Peach iced tea, raspberry, orange blossom

Roast: Espresso

This coffee is harvested by a small group of farmers who named their collective after the sub-region of the same name, Koromii.

The Koromii farmers are part of the Sookoo group, and are managed by a local agronomy and permaculture expert, Ture Waji. Under his expertise, the Sokoo group grows coffee in semi-forest areas: under and nearby the shade of existing forest trees.

We love this coffee because, even though it has been naturally processed, it has the acidity and delicate florals that are normally associated with washed processes. We think it tastes just like peach iced tea.