Vote | Gestern Espresso Blend

Vote | Gestern Espresso Blend


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Components: 80% Brazil Arabica : 20% Guinean Robusta

Producers: Cafeina Women’s Group : Macenta Beans

Importers: Falcon Specialty : List & Beisler

Processing: Natural : Fully Washed

Flavour Profile: Sweet, rich, malty, roasted almond

Roast: Espresso

With our "Gestern Blend" we pay homage to Italian coffee culture, with a modern twist.  Based on a classic Arabica/Robusta blend, we offer a blend for all those who like to drink coffee with a kick.

The Gestern Blend is classic in flavour but progressive in sourcing. The primary component is our most popular coffee, produced by two-members of a women’s cooperative in Brazil. For the Gestern Blend we roast it a little darker than usual: caramelizing the sugars and developing malt and chocolate flavours.

The second component is a fine robusta coffee, produced in the Macenta region of Guinea. We’re super proud to be working with Macenta Beans, who are founded by Mamy Dioubaté. Mamy has years of experience in the coffee industry and a background in economics. Macenta Beans recently held a successful crowd-funding campaign to build a new and state-of-the-art washing station in Macenta. The company focuses on supporting natural biodiversity and bee populations alongside coffee growing, and on using innovation and technology to apply specialty-grade processing to robusta coffee. 

The addition of a robusta component brings extra body and crema to the Gestern Blend. With the 80 : 20 (Arabica:Robusta) ratio, we believe that you get all the best flavour attributes from arabica, alongside the full body and creaminess of robusta coffee.