Vote | Hunapu - Mountain Flower - Guatemala 250g

Vote | Hunapu - Mountain Flower - Guatemala 250g


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Producer Name : Small-Holder Producers

Washing Station: Bella Vista

Importer: Belco

Processing: Washed

Region: Antigua, Guatemala

Tasting notes: Clementine, pink grapefruit, pecan, caramel

The word Hunapu means mountain flower in the K’iche language, the most widely spoken indigenous language in Guatemala. Hunapu is also the name for the mountain (also known as Vulcan de Agua) where this coffee is grown. Cherries from multiple small-holder farmers in the region are delivered to Bella Vista, a mill at the base of the mountain near the historic city of Antigua.

We were introduced to this coffee by Henrik and the team at Populus. After a visit to Guatemala in 2022, Populus brought back samples from Bella Vista, which they kindly shared with us. Be sure to check out the Guatemalan lots from the same mill that Populus are roasting.

We were drawn to the distinctly fruity cup profile of this coffee. The mouthfeel reminds us of very ripe apricots and we taste citrus, grape, and nectarine, followed by a nutty aftertaste. We think that this is the perfect coffee for those who want something balanced and moreish.