Vote | Kilimbi - Natural - Rwanda 250g

Vote | Kilimbi - Natural - Rwanda 250g


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Produzent:innen: Small-holder producers near Kilimbi Washing Station

Exporteur: Muraho Trading Co.

Importeur: Raw Material

Region: Nyamasheke, Rwanda

Varietals: Red Bourbon

Verarbeiten: Natural

In case you’re wondering what “kapuzinerkresse” is… it’s nasturtium! If you’re still wondering what nasturtium is, it’s an edible flower! You’ll sometimes see them on people’s plates at “fancy restaurants”. They taste a little peppery, fresh, and obviously floral.

We think that this peppery/floral flavour is what makes this coffee taste really special, alongside flavours of ripe berries and tropical fruits.

This coffee is grown by a group of small farmers in the Nyamasheke region of Rwanda. The farmers bring their cherries to the nearby Kilimbi washing station, which was established by Muraho Trading Co in 2016. The station was one of the first in Rwanda to be granted permission to produce natural and honey-processed lots. Rwanda has a strong tradition of producing washed coffees, and we’re excited to see spectacular new flavour profiles developing as processing techniques diversify.