Vote | Morgen Espresso Blend

Vote | Morgen Espresso Blend


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Components: 50:50

Producers: Cafeina Women’s Group : Koromii Farmer Group

Importers: Falcon Specialty : Clima

Processing: Natural

Flavour Profile: Milk Chocolate, Strawberry

Region: Sul de Minas, Brazil : Guji, Ethiopia

Roast: Espresso

With the ''Morgen Blend'' we want to explore the possibilities of fun and flavoursome espresso. We change this espresso seasonally. We aim to celebrate fruitiness, florals and complexity: this espresso is for people who want something a little different.

This version of the Morgen Blend is sweet and indulgent. We’ve chosen two especially rich and creamy coffees, and blended them in a 50:50 ratio. Both these coffees are naturally processed and together they make an espresso that tastes like ripe strawberry, milk chocolate and cream, with some floral top notes. The coffee is delicious with and without milk, and can be brewed as filter, bialetti, french press and espresso!

You can find out more about the Cafeina and Koromii coffees here, and here.