Vote | Moutain Water Decaf - Sierra Mazateca 250g

Vote | Moutain Water Decaf - Sierra Mazateca 250g


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Producers: Small-holder farmers
Exporter/Importer: Raw Material
Region: Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca, Mexico
Varieties: Typica, Mundo Nuvo, Bourbon
Processing: Mountain Water Decaf
Flavour Profile: Orange Zest, Carrot Cake, Caramel
Roast: Omni-Roast

This coffee is grown in the Sierra Mazateca region of Oaxaca. The region is surrounded by hills and is often shrouded in mist, resulting in relatively low temperatures, suited to growing high quality coffees. The majority of the region’s inhabitants are indigenous, and Mazateco is the predominant first language.

After the usual washing, depulping and drying processes, this coffee is transported from Oaxaca to a decaffeination plant in the coastal Mexican city of Veracruz. This plant specialises in a chemical-free decaffeination process, similar to the “Swiss Water” Process. Rather than “Swiss water”, however, they use water from Mexico’s highest mountain, Citlaltépetl. The beans are submerged in water with a high-pressure filtration system, which gradually removes the caffeine.

After the caffeine is removed, they are re-dried and prepared for export.