Vote | Rufasto Perez Elevis - Peru

Vote | Rufasto Perez Elevis - Peru


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Produzenten: Rufasto Perez Elevis

Exporteur/Importeur: Falcon Coffees Peru / Falcon Specialty

Region: San José del Alto, Jaén

Varietal: Caturra

Verarbetien: Washed

Geschmacksprofil: Pfirschich, Jasmin, Ahorn Sirup

Rufasto Perez owns two hectares of land in the village of Nueva Union in San José del Alto, near the Peru/Ecuador border. He picks and processes coffee himself, with some help from family and paid staff during harvest.

This coffee showcases the variety of flavours that you can find within one cup. We get fruit notes of mandarin and pear, alongside biscuit, hazelnut and chocolate (like Hanuka!), and black tea florals. This coffee really caters a little to every taste. Like many coffees from Peru, it’s something that we can drink every day.

We purchased this coffee through Falcon Specialty, who, after working with Peruvian producers for several years, set up a warehouse and exporting operation in Jaén in 2017.

‘’We have been working in Northern Peru for several years, buying specialty coffee from cooperatives and associations with whom we have built lasting relationships. Whilst a lot of the arrival quality we have seen in previous seasons has been good, we have struggled to impact upon that quality or make improvements in the supply chain as we would like. More importantly, the premiums we had been paying for quality rarely makes it directly back to producers, something we have had very little control over in previous years.’’

Establishing a permanent base in Peru allows Falcon to work directly with coffee producers: ensuring greater traceability. This means that value is returned directly to producers, and enables producers, exporters and roasters to build relationships that are otherwise impossible. In Northern Peru, for example, 75% of producers are small-holders who aren’t members of an association or cooperative. Without access to regular training and collective bargaining power, these producers are left vulnerable to the demands of coffee aggregators. Aggregators often pay farmers in cash, sometimes blending their coffees with other lots before selling them at much inflated prices to exporters. Because it is near-impossible to trace these coffees accurately, rewards such as financial premiums rarely made it back to growers. By buying parchment directly from producers, Falcon has been able to help over 400 farmers improve the quality of their coffee, start to build a reputation for excellence, and increase their household income.