Vote | Sierra Mazateca M11 - Mexico

Vote | Sierra Mazateca M11 - Mexico


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Producers: Small-holder farmers

Exporter/Importer: Raw Material

Region: Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca, Mexico

Varieties: Typica, Mundo Nuvo, Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Flavour Profile: Persimonn, Dark Chocolate, Red Grape

Roast: Omni-Roast

This coffee is grown in the Sierra Mazateca region of Oaxaca. The region is surrounded by hills and is often shrouded in mist, resulting in relatively low temperatures, suited to growing high quality coffees. The majority of the region’s inhabitants are indigenous, and Mazateco is the predominant first language.

Our importing partner, Raw Material works in the region with the aims of:

-offering rapid and predictable returns to producers, allowing them to invest in infrastructure and quality improvements

-helping to increase yields, making harvests larger and production volumes more sustainable.

Even with the most robust procedures in place, the coffee business can still be unpredictable and volatile. This particular lot got wet during transport from the dry mill-- an event that has the potential to entirely destroy the quality of the harvest. With quick problem-solving and expertise, the Raw Material team were able to re-dry and salvage the coffee. After re-drying, the acidity and complexity are slightly muted, but otherwise the coffee is fantastic. We purchased  the coffee regardless, because a) the coffee is still clean, sweet and flavoursome, and b) it’s important that roasteries don’t simply abandon our commitments when the going gets tough.