Vote | Villamaria Natural - Colombia

Vote | Villamaria Natural - Colombia

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Washing Station:  Villamaria Red Association

Importer: Raw Material

Region: Caldas, Colombia

Varieties: Colombia, Castillo Naranjal

Processing: Fully Washed

Tasting Notes: Mango, Plum, Kiwi, Pansies/Violets

This beautiful coffee is a firm favourite of ours (and of our customers) and we hope to continue to buy from the skilled producers at Villamaria Red Association for many years to come. We think that this naturally processed lot strikes the perfect balance between complexity and drinkability. The careful processing at Villamaria has resulted in a clean, floral and fruity cup, that works as both espresso and filter.

This harvest the Villamaria reminds us of mango, kiwi, milk chocolate and violets (the flowers).


Villamaria is a town and muncipality in Caldas, Colombia. Here our importing partners, Raw Material run a washing station named Jamaica. Somewhat unusually for Colombia, neighbouring farmers sell whole coffee cherries to Jamaica’s collection point, La Aurora. 30-50 coffee-producing families grow Variedad Colombia and Castillo Naranjal at up to 1800masl, higher than the washing station itself.

Because the washing station sits at a relatively low altitude of 1300masl, the warmer temperatures make it perfectly suited to producing excellent natural, or sundried coffees. Cherries are dried in the sun for around 15 days and then dried mechanically for 3-4 days.