Vote | Villamaria Natural Decaf - Kolumbien

Vote | Villamaria Natural Decaf - Kolumbien


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Producers: Red Association Villamaria

Importers: Raw Material

Processing: Natural, Sugarcane Decaffeination

Flavour Profile: Biscuit, Condensed milk, Malt, Milk chocolate

Region: Caldas, Colombia

Roast: Espresso, Filter

Decaf is often an afterthought for many specialty coffee roasteries, but not for us. As with all our coffees, this decaf is something that we’re proud of: it tastes great and is produced with skill and care.

This decaf comes from the Villamaria Association in Colombia, whose washed (and caffeinated) coffee you’ll also find in our range. We’ve been working with Villamaria since 2019, through our importing partners, Raw Material.

The quality and flavor of this decaf derives from attention to detail at several points along the process: it is sourced from cherries of the highest quality, it is decaffeinated at local facilities in Colombia using a relatively gentle method known as ‘sugarcane’. We roast this coffee to accentuate it’s natural flavor!