Vote | Vunga - Rwanda

Vote | Vunga - Rwanda

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Producers: Small Holder Producers

Washing Station/ Collective: Vunga Washing Station

Importer: Raw Material

Region: Nyabihu, Rwanda

Varieties: Red Bourbon

Processing: Fully washed

Taste profile: Black tea, honey, pear

Roast style: Filter / bright espresso


Info from Vote:

This coffee is produced by several small-holders who make up the Vunga washing station and cooperative in Rwanda. The station is situated in the Nyabihu District, close to the borders of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Vunga is a relatively small but well-renowned washing station. It was established in 2009 and today has five full-time employees and 260 coffee-producing members. It is led by president Daphrose Uwimana. Under her administration Vunga has been able to increase its cherry prices to above the national average, improve infrastructure and offer medical insurance to its members. 

The washing station entered a partnership with Muraho Trading Company in 2017. This partnership has provided support with training and resources and, importantly, grown Vunga’s connections with the international market. Raw Material sources all the Rwandan coffees they offer through Muraho Trading Co. Raw Material pay a premium of $0.35USD per kilo of milled green coffee to Vunga to assist with the development of coffee infrastructure.

In 2020 the Nyabihu District experienced extreme flooding, causing serious damage and loss of life. The landslides had a profound effect on Vunga’s farming members and on their wider community. You can help support their reconstruction efforts here.