White Label Coffee | El Salvador - Montecristo

White Label Coffee | El Salvador - Montecristo


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Flavor profile: blackberry, lemon & maple syrup

Region: Alotepec
Farm:  Montecristo
Crop: 2022
Altitude: 1800m
Variety: Pacas
Processing: natural
Trader: Cafe imports

Bye bye filter and espresso roast.

For almost two years now we have been roasting more and more of our coffees in the same way regardless of intended brewing method (filter / espresso). we’ve now reached the point we’re fully convinced of this way of working and will also no longer label our coffee bags differently, as the roasts they hold are one and the same. because we love being clear and open about what we do and why we do it, we wanted to take you along our journey that lead us to this decision... click here.