Archipel Berlin


In July 2021 we opened our doors to our first Eiskrem & Cookies shop in Berlin Friedrichshain.

We produce Eiskrem, Pastries and creamy Nutspreads. We also offer coffee, tea and other drinks. In spring and summer we focus on ice cream and in winter we focus on pints to take home, pastries and delicacies.

All year long we offer Krems (Nutspreads), that can be eaten by the spoon, put on bread, or any dessert really.

Our Mission: We want to produce the creamiest Ice Cream and the tastiest pastries in the city. All our processes are transparent and sustainable. Taste and quality have the highest priority. We produce all our products in our glass kitchen, so that you can have a look.

We are very proud of our raw materials, we source our flour from “Erzgebirge” (DE), our sugar from the south of Germany, all of our nuts in raw and organic quality from family company “Lemberona), our spices from Soul&Spice in Berlin, and our chocolate comes from choba choba (peru), a chocolate company where the farmers own the company.


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