Archipel Berlin

Roots Radicals

Based in Berlin, Germany, Roots Radicals is an authentic, handcrafted, and zero-waste food company that aims to reconnect people with food.

Food is a vehicle of values, culture, and identity. It builds communities. It has the power to change us, reconnect us, and raise our consciousness and awareness. At Roots Radicals we want to bring the idea of the ‘production kitchen’ to our community, by eventually creating a hub in Berlin: an open kitchen, food store, and Café. We believe that showing all processes of how our food is prepared will offer a window to reconnect to a process we sadly no longer experience.

Community, education, information and transparency are fundamental to us. Care, time, and love are our added ingredients, as we believe that they carry the magic and wisdom needed to channel lost traditions.

Roots Radicals is taking part in the fight against food waste! We believe in the Circular Economy, and we cook focusing highly on efficiency, zero-waste, and upcycling. Through culinary innovation we create new products and processes that help us design the so-called “waste” out of the food system: we upcycle rescued food into delicious products and we also upcycle from our own processes.

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