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KingKong Honig

KingKong honey from Berlin - We love bees and honey.


KingKong Honey represents the essence of wild urban nature. In addition to his role as a film lighting technician, Jonas Hörning tends to approximately 15 bee colonies in the lush rain basin located in Kreuzberg, a densely overgrown wasteland between Südstern and Tempelhofer Feld. Since 2010, his bees have been collecting rich nectar from lime, blackberry, ligusta, tree of heaven, maple, robinia, and various other flowers, which they then transform into the precious honey of Berlin.

Following the harvest, the honeycombs undergo a gentle centrifuging process before being carefully bottled. The composition of the sugar content determines the consistency of the honey, whether it remains in a liquid state, crystallizes, or solidifies. The bees retain ample honey to sustain them through the winter months.

Jonas practices beekeeping using an adapted brood chamber with the Dadant US hive, inspired by the methods of Brother Adam, as well as the French Warré hive. He employs various techniques, including the use of oxalic acid and biotechnological methods such as brood interruption, all in an effort to ensure the health and vitality of his bee colonies.

Jonas's childhood was spent in the foothills of the Alps in the south of France, where his father was already an avid beekeeper. He fondly remembers assisting with the smoker, the aroma of the smoke, and the delicious pieces of honeycomb laden with pollen that his father would share with him. Ever since those days, bees have held an enduring fascination for him. As he watches them in flight, he briefly loses himself in the urban wilderness. KingKong Honey is a pure natural product of the city, a reservoir of Berlin's spring and summer energy:

Perfect for spreading on bread.