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“We import natural wine to Berlin from all over Europe, showcasing the inspiring work of many winemakers with whom we have built a relationship over the years.
Our collaboration involves constant learning, and every new vintage brings further knowledge and enjoyment of the natural wine world.
We are excited to share our wines with you.

Rocket Wine is an ongoing adventure that has taken us to the farthest reaches of the European natural wine world. We've picked grapes and tasted semi-fermented wines from unknown corners of the Jurassian countryside, to deep Bohemia, to the shores of alpen lakes to ancient German river towns. These voyages bring us closer to the soil and to the work of the fascinating people who have chosen to make wine for a living, wine that we import to Berlin.

We showcase a wide range of rare and always extraordinary wines from all the winemakers that we were lucky enough to have met and befriended along the way. We work with more than 60 different winemakers, but « work with » isn't really the perfect term for it, because we don’t just have a business relationship… we have built friendships over the years.” 

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Koppitsch | Homok 2023
Koppitsch | Rozsa 2023
Ananda | Ops 2022