Archipel Berlin

The Sausage Man

Not just another bratwurst

"Finding Wurst in Germany is like sand at the beach. But if fresh and innovative flavours are more your thing, you have come to the right place.

The Sausage Man Never Sleeps starts with the beloved German staple and makes something you won’t find anywhere else in Berlin. We are always working on new flavour combinations using regional and seasonal ingredients to tantalise your taste buds, often collaborating with locals on the food scene to create truly unique sausage experiences. We love a good Bratwurst as much as the next Berliner, but we are here to create something more. 

And sausage is just the beginning. We also specialise in proper, thick-cut English streaky bacon and rich, flavourful black pudding based on the traditional Scottish recipe from the Stornoway region. 

We are always working on new products and flavours, like pizza-ready spicy pepperoni, bacon jam to make your burger next-level and Bacon Dreams, our melted fat and bacon bits concoction that is the perfect starter or finisher for sauces, soups, or anything that needs a little salty pork goodness."


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