Archipel Berlin

Urstrom Kaese

The Cows

"The farm dairy is located approx. 70km south of Berlin in Baruth / Mark, Brandenburg (DE) in the heart of the Baruther glacial valley. The milk used for Urstrom cheese comes from a single herd of 400 Jersey cows on the neighboring farm. The farm is run by Rainer Schmitt, a man who loves Jersey cows as much as Urstrom Kaese is enthusiastic about cheese. The farm has 400 acres of land, enough for the cows to graze outside in the summer and the farm to grow the forage that the cows will eat in the winter. The choice of Jersey cows is no coincidence: not only are they beautiful and friendly, they also give very rich milk with a higher protein and fat content. This is a very great gift for both the farmer and the cheese maker."

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