Urstrom | Mulberry Weichkäse ±480g


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Urstrom's Mulberry Weichkäse is a soft cheese with approx. 56% fat in dry matter. One piece weighs about 450-500g. The outside is covered with a Geotricum rind and after a week it is washed with vegetable charcoal. This promotes the development of the rind. Inside, the cheese has a rich curd-like center. The name 'Mulberry' comes from the rare black Jersey cow.

Cheeses with a Geotrichum (yeast) rind often develop spots of wild moulds during maturation. These are often blue/green or grey. They are a normal part of the ripening flora of the cheese and are safe to eat.

Auf Käsen mit einer Geotrichum-Rinde (Hefe), können sich auch wilde Schimmelpilze entwickeln - häufig blau/grüne und graue. Sie sind Teil der natürlichen Reifungsflora und können unbedenklich mitgegessen werden.

This cheese should be kept below 8°C in the refrigerator and has a best before date of 60 days from the production date.

Produced in Baruth/Mark in Brandenburg, just south of Berlin. 

Approx. 450g