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King Kong Honig


Jonas Hörning, produces small quantities of honey that are as natural and unprocessed as possible, following the method of Émile Warré.

The method of Émile Warré, also known as the Warré beehive or the People's Hive, is a form of natural beekeeping that emphasizes the health and well-being of the bees.
It is based on the idea that bees are able to manage their own colonies without human interference, and that traditional beekeeping practices can be harmful to the bees.

Keeping his bees in a lush green enclave in Kreuzberg, near Hasenheide Park, Jonas is able to provide them with a diverse range of flowers to forage from, resulting in a unique and delicious honey.

The honey produced in 2022 is very firm, we recommend scraping and stirring to transform it into a creamy butter like spread.

Wonderful energetic bright flavor, delicate upfront floral notes with a delightful eucalyptus like menthol aroma.