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Albatross Catering's pumpkin jam!


It might not be everyone's first thought when they think about pumpkins, however pumpkins and squashes have long been used around the world in sweets, preserves and desserts.

Our pumpkin jam is made from Hokkaido Pumpkins from Brandenburg. The pumpkins are roasted slowly, cooked with sugar, citrus juice and a touch of nutmeg before being reduced and caramelised into a deep dark concentrated jam. Each jar contains around 600g of raw pumpkin.

Flavours of chestnut, caramel, ripe fruits, orange. 

Pairs beautifully with Urstrom frischkäse and Albatross Catering Rye Chips for a quick cheesecake, or as an accompaniment to a cheese board with aged cheese, especially the Deichkäse Edel, where the saltiness enhances the depth and sweetness of the jam.


Ingredients: Hokkaido Pumpkin, Sugar, Orange, Lemon, Nutmeg, Salt.