Le Raisin à Plumes | Patis des Rosiers - 2021

Le Raisin à Plumes | Patis des Rosiers - 2021


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Rocket Wine


Origin: France - Loire-Atlantique

Grapes: 100% Gamay

Process: Organic farming, minimal sulfites, fermented in bio and bottled in 75cl with 13.5° alcohol content

Flavor Profile:
Fresh and pure, earthy and juicy, this wine offers an intense, fluid experience with superb fruitiness. The flavors are a harmonious and the texture is silky, making it a very balanced and delicious red wine.

About the Producer

Jacques Février was a sommelier before crossing over to the other side of the wine world. Inspired by a meeting with Anton Van Klopper in Australia, Jacques, along with his partner Julie, set up shop in Oudon in 2014. Committed to organic farming and minimal use of sulfites, Jacques and Julie have created a wine that is a pure expression of Gamay. The winery is a testament to their dedication to bio and natural wine production.