Philippe Delmée | Pablo est au bar - 2022

Philippe Delmée | Pablo est au bar - 2022


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Rocket Wine


Origin: France - Loire Valley

Grapes: Chenin Blanc

Process: The wine is made from Chenin Blanc grapes, with two-thirds of the grapes undergoing direct pressing and one-third undergoing light maceration. The wine is then matured in barrels.

Flavor profile: "A perfect white wine for any occasion and suits all palates. Fresh herbal notes and fruity white pear flavors complemented by just enough  minerality and texture. An excellent accompaniment for any BBQ and a variety of dishes.

About the producer: Philippe Delmée, a former mathematics teacher, discovered natural wine and decided to make a career change. Today, he is based in Anjou, in the Layon region, where he naturally produces wines of great purity on his five hectares of vineyards. His wines are full of energy and fruit, reflecting his commitment to natural wine production.