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Komma Chocolate

Komma Chocolate was started in Berlin by Jaimee Storm in 2021.

Having always been a maker, experimenter, food and cacao lover, Jaimee started making chocolate in 2017 after taking bean-to-bar classes at the renowned Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco. After years of practice and following an apprenticeship with inclusion master Mackenzie Rivers of Map Chocolate in 2019, Jaimee decided step away from 10 years in a biopharmaceutical company to become a maker of craft chocolate as her main profession.

Jaimee is dedicated to her craft, making batches that include only ingredients selected with a consciousness in sustainability, ethics, quality and flavor. And like the third wave coffee movement, she develops bean roast profiles of her cacao to achieve specific tasting notes inherent in the bean.

“Even before I have the cacao in my hands, so much has already happened. The tree grows in a certain environment, then the cacao seeds are fermented for x amount of days in certain way and then dried x amount of days in another way. All of these affect flavor. I treat each step of the way from bean to bar with respect to the processing that happens beforehand.”

Each batch is made in small quantities with close attention to detail. Even the tempering process (the process that provides the ‘snap’ in chocolate) which usually is done by machine by other businesses is also done by hand.

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