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Populus Coffee

Representing Diversity

Quality coffee is delicious. The complexity of flavours, acidity and sweetness is caused by a combination of variety, micro climate, terroir and many other factors. Coffee has more than 1000 chemical aroma compounds and the number increases while new ones are discovered regularly. In other words, coffee is an incredibly diverse product.
Arabica coffee is a delicate, vulnerable and disease prone plant that needs particular growing conditions to prosper. Majority of the best varieties are threatened by rapidly spreading plant diseases and micro climates are destroyed by changing weather patterns.
These problems have also brought solutions. Adaptable and resistant plant hybrids are created, processing methods and fermentation techniques adapted and new ways of fighting the diseases researched — all to make it possible to maintain the diversity.
We want to experience, understand and represent it all. Our experimental and exclusive series offer innovations, untypical flavours, rare varieties and exceptional quality.

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