Archipel Berlin

Vote Coffee Roastery

We are Philipp and Laurel

"We run the coffee roastery Vote in the heart of Kreuzberg. Since June 2016 we roast coffee in the space of Kaffee9, under the roof of Markthalle Neun. We roast coffee for everyone.

Our career began in the classic espresso culture and led us to the specialty world of coffee. We have experience in gastronomy, roasting, green coffee trade and events. We incorporate all of this into our day-to-day work, with the goal of blazing a progressive way in the coffee world.

Philipp Reichel, a native of Berlin, founded Kaffee9 in 2013 and ran it for 4 years. Besides running the café, he also created the Berlin coffee festival, which he curated from 2015 to 2019. In 2016, together with Peter Duran, he opened the café Isla Berlin, which was awarded for its concept: a café dedicated to circular economy. Philipp is the founder and managing director of Vote.

Laurel Carmichael, originally from New Zealand, has gained experience in various roasteries and cafés and brings this to the roastery. They are not only our moral compass in the roastery and the company, but also mainly responsible for green coffee purchasing and roasting."

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