Agrestis | White Truffle Oil

Agrestis | White Truffle Oil


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When you are lucky enough to have friends who produce some of the most awarded EVO in the world, sometimes special things happen. Luckily for all of Berlin’s foodies, thanks to our friendship with Agrestis, we at Archipel were able to ask them for a special batch of their precious Condimento al Tartufo Bianco. 

Pietro, co-owner of our close partner Siziliessen - hands down the go-to name for artisanal Italian delicacies in Berlin - grew up learning every secret related to the ancient olive cultivar grown by his family. 

A few years ago he started experimenting with a Tartufaia, with the ambitious long-term goal of growing the elusive white truffle. He has already achieved considerable success, but the treasured harvest is not big enough for a commercial production. 

The good news is that it’s already more than enough to produce the most elegant, subtle, complex truffle oil you can possibly imagine -  with real, homegrown truffles and his sensational olive oil! 

For any real truffle aficionado out there who scoffs at the horribly artificial “truffle flavored” oils you can normally find: it’s time to reassess our assumptions and enjoy this gem. 

But hurry up: It’s as limited edition as it gets!