Antonio Gismondi | Chiaro - 2022

Antonio Gismondi | Chiaro - 2022


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Origin: Italy - Campania

Grapes: Malvasia di Candia (white), Sangiovese (Red), and 14 other grape varieties

Process: The wine is made from old vines. The grapes are harvested from Antonio Gismondi’s high altitude vineyards in the hills of Campania. All grape varieties are pressed directly and aged with the full lees on steel tanks for 6 months.

Flavor profile: This wine offers a unique experience. It smells like a white wine but tastes like a light mineral red. It's a great fun wine that keeps you guessing.

About the producer: Antonio Gismondi is a winemaker based in the Campania region of Italy. He is known for his fresh, breezy, and precise natural wines. His vineyards are located at high altitudes in the hills of Campania, which contributes to the unique flavor profiles of his wines. Gismondi's wines are often described as out-of-category, offering a unique tasting experience that sets them apart from traditional wines. His Chiaro 2022 is no exception, offering a soft and velvety wine with a spicy and crisp finish.